We seek projects that authentically reflect on the human condition, collections that serve a purpose in the community, manuscripts that simply itch to be heard. The real, the raw, the beautiful, those are the pieces we seek to publish. Editor Sueann Wells, says, “Often the pieces that make my heart ache, my eyes water, those are the pieces that make it in my collections.”

We seek well-written pieces with strong voice and uplifting overall message. Let’s brighten the world, not drag it down. Let your stories come out. Let your authentic voice be heard above the din. Editor Sueann Wells will work with writers to make their pieces shine. She freelances as a copy editor, and whether or not you publish with us, feel free to email her at RochesterNYEditor@yahoo.com for her highly-regarded copy-editing services. PR expert Jerri Lynn Sparks will help get the word out locally, nationally, and globally. The Spirited Muse Press team looks forward to sharing your works of heart with the world!

If in doubt, ask if we’d consider it. We are looking to help the writing community get their words out. Our team of editors and PR peeps will help get it out there! We look forward to potentially working with you on the work within your heart.

Please visit our Submissions page for details on how to submit your manuscript for our consideration. Thank you so much for your hard work and your heart work. The world will be better for receiving it straight from you.