Current Submission Calls

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Be the Change You Want to See Anthology – Deadline * Extended * 2/15/18

Spirited Muse General Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting your heart work to Spirited Muse Press. We consider collections of poetry and prose, as well as full-length fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, anything that touches the heart and inspires us to consider the human condition.

We consider each submission very carefully, knowing each represents the heart and soul it comes from. Online submissions are accepted at this time by emailing the editors at  Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful submission of your materials and full consideration of your manuscript:

  • Email your manuscript in full (ie- not individual poems or short prose pieces) as a Microsoft Word document attached to your email, with pieces in the order you prefer (including any or all artwork) ~ The editors reserve the right to tweak based on page layout and flow, but we value your opinion on all matters of your manuscript. Within the email body, please include your full name and the title of your manuscript, as well as a 1-2 sentence summary of your manuscript.
  • When submitting prose, please leave a single space following all end punctuation of each sentence (that makes formatting easier for this work of heart press). When submitting poetry, please Insert Page Break between poems, as emailing documents sometimes changes spacing, and we don’t want anything lost in translation. Please be sure capitalization (ie-beginning line) is as you intend it. These technicalities help us focus on your voice and message, and less on the nitty-gritty, since we are a work of heart. Thank you in advance for your technical attention.
  • We seek to promote the human experience in all its glory, so of course there is dark matter you may explore. Please keep it reasonably clean for the masses. No vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity, that sort of thing. If in doubt, send a quick query by email before sending the ms.
  • Spirited Muse Press will respond via email within 1 month to all submissions. If we get back-logged we will email you for patience, and note a delay on this website.
  • If your manuscript is accepted, we will ask for a short bio blurb (2-5 sentences), a headshot if you’re so inclined, as well as suggested reviewers’ email addresses for pre-publication review. Submissions do not need to include this material for initial review, but you may submit it all at once if you wish.
  • We (as do most editors) recommend all authors consider third party editing services. Authors are often too close to the material to see the errors that get in the way of readers’ full appreciation of the message. If your manuscript needs editing assistance, the editors will contact you. is a thorough editing service with reasonable rates, prompt turn-around time, professional communication, and many references. Please contact them directly if you’d like to consider their services before submission.


As a small press operating as a work of heart, Spirited Muse Press will give Published Authors professionally published (through paperback copies of their book as payment, with the opportunity to purchase discounted copies directly through the publisher for your own resale/marketing purposes. Books will be distributed via Lulu, Amazon, B&N, as well as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks. They will be distributed globally through Ingram.

Spirited Muse Press highly encourages all authors to develop a personal campaign to broaden the range of their publication, such as through social media, as such grass-roots campaigns tend to produce the best results. Spirited Muse Press offers editing, formatting, advisement, and even publicity at no cost to the author. We ask that you provide reasonable publicity through all your available channels so we may recoup our costs.

Remember, if in doubt, send a quick query to Thanks so much for considering submission to Spirited Muse Press. We look forward to reading your works of heart.