We are a small press based out of suburban Rochester, NY seeking to publish the previously unheard voices of the community. All should be allowed to speak for themselves, and we seek to do just that. Look for volumes that speak to the heart and soul of humanity. Look for single author volumes as well as collaborations connecting many perspectives on a common theme. Let’s make this world a better place through our unique perspectives and voices. Won’t you join us in this adventure?

Check back often for updates on publications and current submission calls.

We currently have a call out for prose/poetry/photography celebrating positive change in the world, and are looking for great book-length submissions.

We are excited to announce several events upcoming for Spirited Muse Press authors, including the soon-to-be-released poetry collection by Denise Thompson-Slaughter, Sixty-ish: Full Circle, and our recently published Jerri Lynn Sparks collection, Ten Good Things About the Rain & Other Poems.  Check them out.

Jerri, Denise, and I were on WAYO’s Flour City Yawp poetry radio show in December.  To listen to the broadcast, click here.

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Currently, we have all Spirited Muse Press books for sale and available for shipping to any continental US address.  Package discounts sweeten the deal and you may mix and match any adult or any children’s books you want within those deals. Books make great gifts for the special people in your life. Order a copy for yourself and ones to give away. Share the beautiful messages these authors share with the world.

Thank you so much for your support of our small press work of heart! We look forward to publishing more great works in the coming years.